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You will be amazed to know how your baby develops in every passing week of the pregnancy. Learn about the changes taking place in mother's body and the growing baby.
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This is a time to start learning about labor, the birth process, and your postpartum recovery. Prepare a birth plan so that you have understanding of the labor related issues. However it is not always possible to abide by the plan as every labor is unique and a lot depends on the medical condition of mother and baby.

By the end of week 33, Your baby measures 41 cm and weighs about 2.2 Kg. Your baby continues to develop fat deposits under the skin, changing the color of his skin from red to pink. His lungs secrete a soapy fluid, which keeps them open, ready for breathing.



You might have experienced Braxton-Hicks contractions by now. These contractions are not a sign of true labour. They are painless, have no pattern and stops on their own. However, if you are not able to distinguish between real and false contractions, a quick visit to the hospital can easily resolve this.

Your baby now measures 42. At this point, your babys' fingernails will be nearing the end of his/her fingers, and may even need to be trimmed by the first couple of days after birth. Usually babies have a sleeping pattern, and they also open and close eyes according to their sleeping behaviour.



You can now feel different parts of your baby through your tummy.Most physicians don't recommend travel during the last two months of pregnancy, as long trips can be exhausting and it will place too much distance between you and your practitioner. Domestic Airlines allow you to travel up until 36 weeks and on international flights you can travel up until 34 weeks.

Your baby now measures 43 cm . Your baby's eyes will appear blue at this stage regardless of what their final color will be. This is because the pigmentation that colors the eyes are not yet fully developed yet. Should your baby be born at this stage of your pregnancy, he/she would loose weight considerably faster than a full term baby, as the digestive tract is still too immature for complete independence



This is the time to get organised so that you are prepared for any emergency dash to the birth centre. If it's your first pregnancy, fetal head may descend or engages in the pelvis , however in subsequent pregnancy fundus'drop' happens closer to term. As suggested before, do keep a check on fetal movements.

Your baby now measures 46 cm. During the last few stages of your pregnancy fat is being deposited under the baby's skin. It helps in both body temperature regulation and developing immunity for life outside womb.
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